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Yom HaShoah is a Jewish observance but not a nationwide public holiday countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, as many Jewish people will take time on this day to remember the victims of the Holocaust, Jewish organizations may be closed or operate a reduced level of service.


Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party, which he led, placed a lot of importance on their ideas of racial hygiene. They believed that it was possible to create a pure race of supreme German people using selective breeding techniques applied in agriculture. They wished to eliminate certain groups of people, who were seen as racially impure, from Germany. These included: Jewish people; the Roma; certain groups of people from Poland and Russia; Jehovah’s Witnesses; disabled persons; homosexuals; and Communists. The removal of Jewish people from German society was particularly well-planned and was referred to as the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”. About 11 million people, of whom about six million were Jewish, died mainly in death and concentration camps.

It was originally proposed to hold Holocaust Remembrance Day on the 14th day of Nisan, the first month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar. This is the anniversary of the ghetto uprising in Warsaw, which occurred on April 19, 1943, in the Gregorian calendar. However, the 14th day of Nisan is the day before the start of Passover (Pesach) and the 27th day was chosen instead. This is eight days before Israel’s Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzma’ut). Holocaust Remembrance Day has been observed in Israel since 1959. The date of Yom HaShoah may be moved forward or backwards, so that it does not fall on Friday or Saturday.

Yom HaShoah is not universally recognized or observed. Some groups remember the victims of the Holocaust on other days of mourning, many of which predate World War II. Examples are the ninth day of the month of Av, known as Tisha B’Av and which falls in July of August of the Gregorian calendar, and the 10th day of the month of Tevet, known as Asarah b’Tevet and which falls in December or January of the Gregorian calendar. Other groups criticize the day because it does not commemorate the lives of non-Jewish people who died in the Holocaust.


A range of people, objects, texts and shapes symbolize the Holocaust. These include: Anne Frank and her diary; the railway cars used to transport people to concentration camps; gates with the words “Arbeit Macht Frei”; clothes worn by prisoners; swastikas; and the yellow stars of David that Jewish people were required to wear on their outer clothing.

Symbols of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust include recitations of transcriptions of lists of names of the victims and eternal flames, such as one that burns in the Hall of Remembrance (Ohel Yizkor) in Yad Vashem, Israel.

Palm SUnday 2017

At least 27 people have been killed in an explosion inside a church in the Egyptian Nile Delta city of Tanta, state media reported, as another blast killed 16 in front of a church in the coastal city of Alexandria.


December  2016

Ar7: Azza

April 9, 2017

Gaza: 26 to be hanged soon

The Hamas General Prosecutor in Gaza has announced that 26 death row inmates are “awaiting” the execution of their sentence.

While they include those convicted of cooperating with Israel, there are also common criminals.

90 Finnish sailors from the ships,one of them   “Mercator”  became internated in German Nazi Concentration camp,  same time when Finland   internated   Hungarian and German civilians and  facilitated  retreat  of German army  from Finland.   The internated Finnish  persons  became witnesses of  Holocaust. Thousands of Jewish  people  became   drowned  in the Baltic Sea by many cruel ways.

( Tästä on  suomenkielinen kertomus  tämän blogin Pages sivuilla  ” Veijo Johanssonin päiväkirjasta”.  Hänen kuolemanleirillä pitämästään päiväkirjasta on otteita  kirjassa Oskar Reponen. Kaasukammion varjossa. Weilin Göös 1981).

Wiesenthal Center news

January 26, 2017

Italian Avalanche

January 26, 2017

Reuters /JPost SINGAPORE – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck 47 kilometres (29 miles) west of Arawa on Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea, the United States Geological Survey reported on Sunday.

Iba News:  IDF seals off massive underground weapons factory in Hebron
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A massive concealed weapons factory was sealed off in the West Bank overnight Wednesday in a joint operation led by the IDF with the ISA Shin Bet and Judea and Samaria District Police in the city of Hebron.

The factory was discovered three weeks ago by security forces and was described as the largest of its kind discovered in 2016 in the West Bank.

The factory was discovered last month in a large underground space, concealed under a residential home in the southern industrial area of Hebron.Soldiers discovered that just meters beneath the family home was a large factory producing hundreds of high-quality weapons.
12.01.17 – 12:26

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