Dominica – Tropical Storm Erika (August 31, 2015)

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Tropical Storm Erika hit the island of Dominica on August 28, leaving much of the country without electricity and cutting off supplies to the southeastern part of the island.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development immediately mobilized its efforts to assist the authorities and population. Our embassy opened a crisis unit. 64 people were rescued by a helicopter belonging to Martinique’s sécurité civile [emergency services], funded by the ministry’s crisis and support center – including 40 French citizens, 2 German citizens and 22 people of other nationalities. We are continuing our efforts to locate, contact and, if necessary assist, our compatriots.

In addition, within the framework of our partnership with the Airbus Helicopters Foundation, France has made a helicopter available to the local authorities in order to provide the most affected areas with the necessary medications, water, and food.

Our “Travel Advice” page on the France Diplomatie website highlights the need to remain vigilant during this period of tropical storms and hurricanes in the countries of the Caribbean region. We encourage people to pay careful attention to the information issued by the local authorities regarding possible hurricanes or tropical storms, to comply with the recommendations provided on the France Diplomatie website and to automatically register themselves on the Ariane website.

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