Celiac disease in Finland

December 31, 2018

“With an estimated 2.4 percent of adults between the ages of 30 to 64 years and one in 99 children diagnosed with celiac disease, Finland also holds the record for the highest incidence of the autoimmune condition in the western world.  6 juni 2017″



Kilpirauhasen autoimmuunitulehdus (autoimmuunityreoidiitti)

Autoimmuunityreoidiitissa verestä löytyy vasta-aineita (thyreoid gland antibodies in  healthy people)  kilpirauhasen kudoksia kohtaan. Niitä löytyy vähäisiä määriä terveistä suomalaisista 5–10 %:lla, mikä osoittaa, että lievä (mild autoimmune reaction) autoimmuunireaktio kilpirauhasessa on yleinen. Tällä lievällä reaktiolla ei ole käytännön merkitystä.

Noin 1–4 %:lla suomalaisia kilpirauhasvasta-aineita löytyy suurempina pitoisuuksina ( high  level of thyreoid gland  antibodies) . Pelkät vasta-aineet eivät vielä merkitse sairastumista, mutta silloin erilaisten kilpirauhashäiriöiden vaara on suuri. Seuraukset vaihtelevat eri ihmisillä. Tulehdus sinänsä ei juuri koskaan aiheuta kilpirauhasen seudun kipuja tai muita paikallisia oireita, mutta vuosien mittaan kilpirauhasen toiminta voi häiriintyä.

17 feb. 2015 – In Finland, which may have the most reliable and valid estimates of the prevalence of lactose intolerance, it has been documented at 17% …

Diabetes in Finland

December 31, 2018

About 500,000 people suffer from diabetes in Finland, a number which is predicted to increase within the next decades.  The population is about 5½  million.

Prevalence 9 %

n= 5 520 535; 30. september 2018


H1N1 flu and 2018

December 31, 2018


Wycliffe organisation

December 31, 2018


The Swedish Academia  cant decide to whom to give the Nobel  Prize of Litterature in this  World this year!

But Wycliffe organisation is struggling to give , to create,  alphabet and a  literal  structure to unwritten languages – which are  still many  in number , so that  many peoples  and tribes of mankind could  enter into the   immense literary world and universal new space  , the world of letters  and books and documented  history and  future orienteerings ,  and  enjoy  the reading of books and participate  in  and include  in  the global  development!  The organisation of Wycliffe  should  recieve  a prize-  They  are working  in vocation, divine calling,  devoting  all their human life time to  these  works- to create  literacy and then teaching  the generations, especially  women, even men and  children to read and to manage in the modern  world of  letters  and numbers.

Who are the Wyclife


In 1917 a missionary named William Cameron Townsend went to Guatemala to sell Spanish Bibles. But he was shocked when many people couldn’t understand the books. They

spoke Cakchiquel, a language without a Bible. Cam believed everyone should understand the Bible, so he started a linguistics school (the Summer Institute of Linguistics, known today as SIL) that trained people to do Bible translation. The work continued to grow, and in 1942 Cam officially founded Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Over the following decades, Wycliffe celebrated many milestones — from the first translation completed in 1951, all the way to the 500th translation completed in 2000. Around the same time, Wycliffe adopted a new challenge — a goal of seeing a Bible translation project started in every language still needing one by 2025.








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