There are currently 5 known virus types of Ebola,
and may be there is a new type of ebolavirus in rats, detected in Spain

Albeit  all misery of the Middle East wars there is one good sign from the Environment: the clouds are bringing year by year more fresh rain water to the region surrounded by utterly dry deserts
JPost tells to day: ( of cause there are dangerous flash floods and , also in Gaza there is now an emergency situation because of the stormy rain waters).

“The Israel Meteorological Society said Wednesday that there has been more rain in central Israel this November than in any rainy season in the past 20 years, and that already the country has seen significantly more rain than is typical by late November. “

English Hosptal in Nazareth 1871

Kaloost Vartan
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Pacradooni Kaloost Vartan was the son of a poor Armenian tailor, he was born in Constantinople in 1835 and founded the Nazareth Hospital, the first hospital in Ottoman Galilee. Vartan attended Constantinople’s first American missionary school. He joined the British army, serving in the Crimea as an interpreter, but after witnessing the dreadful inadequacies of battlefield medical facilities he resolved to become a surgeon.Medical training and mission in Palestine:After his initial Crimean experiences he traveled to Edinburgh where he trained as a doctor under the auspices of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society (EMMS). He married Mary Anne Stewart, a Scottish nurse, and immediately after the wedding he and his bride left for Palestine.[1] Vartan’s work was sponsored by the EMMS to whom he reported every quarter. These documents provide valuable evidence of his struggle to set up the hospital in the face of the unshakeable faith of local people in old wives’ tales, leeches and bone-menders as well as their prejudices against Evangelical missionaries.

When he arrived in Nazareth in 1861, average life expectancy was 22 years for males and 24 years for females. The first floor of the house he rented housed the dispensary, with a separate room for four beds. That was in the area of the Old Market Place  today. The extended house eventually became inadequate and, after many difficulties, the land on which the present hospital stands was purchased in 1906.Patients came from Nazareth and the surrounding countryside for medical care. In addition, hospital staff ran clinics in the villages neighboring Nazareth.[2] When the Free Church of Scotland mission wanted to advice about starting their own missionary work they asked for his advice.[3] The Vartan family were members of Christ Church, Nazareth. John Zeller, the pastor of the church, assisted Vartan with his work in founding the Nazareth Hospital.

Vartan died in 1908.[4] An iris (‘Iris vartanii’) was named by Sir Michael Foster after Dr. Vartan.[5]

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This  phenomenon is  something unique to EBOV  viral protein  GP,  but not  the only  phenomenon of this kind among  the viruses of the world: Even Paramyxovirus, from Mononegavirales  shows something like that.

Novel mechanisms of  basic diversity source  recognized

Doctoral Thesis 20 Nov 2014 Gothenburg
Liaqat Ali. Bio-lubrication. Structural Investigation of Lubricin and its Glycosylation. Institute of Biomedicine at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg.

The young police Saif  ,   from   a Western Galilean  village, father of  a 4 months  old baby girl,  is the fifth victim from  the  terror  attack in the  Synagogue of  Har Nof  on Monday 17th November.

His  contribution  could  save many , but one of the  local  terrorisst  gunned him down-

The Police Saif  was taken to the hospital, but he succumbed

He is  from the Druze  Congregation.  Righteous from the Nations.  Ultraorthodox Jewish  believers  and the Israeli  political leaders   attend the  funeral and  memorial service in his village in Western- Galilee

Two local terrorists from East Jerusalem intruded into the congregation house and killed four pr’aying family fathers -Rabbi Moshe Tawrisky from USA, 59 y, father of 5 children; Arje Kopinsky from USA , 43 y., father of five children; Awraham Shmuel Goldberg, From Britannia, 68 y., father of 6 children, Kulman Levin, from USA,, 55 y, father of 9 children.
Five injured perosn are still in the hospital. The Police shot dead the two gunmen who had evens slaughter hatchets in hand. The four widows, the mothers, of the children are in life.

Leil Bedollah 2014

November 15, 2014

On Kristallnacht Anniversary: Iran’s Ayatollah Releases Nine-Point Program for the Destruction of the Jewish State

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