Ps. 47

GOD reigns over the nations.

The Princes of the Peoples gather as the People of the GOD of Abraham.

Ps. 47

The Shields of the Earth belongs to God: He is highly exalted.

Israel To Day

January 22, 2020–en-studie-ur-ett-karntekniskt-perspektiv

Phylogenetics of venomous fishes  end  evolution of  piscine venoms  is a quite   modern   area of  research.

This gene group may be   especially important for the development and function of  human brain and  is associated with  neurodevelopmental and  neuropsychiatric disorders.


M/S Estonia 25 years ago

September 28, 2019

M/S Estonia has been  built 1980, so it was not in bad condition. But , I think, The selected route was like  to chose   a “Bermuda “, the uncertainty, of Baltic Sea, in a big storm,  waves 4 – 10 meters from  some  unsuitable  directions. The ship  before ( Viking Sally)  had a route , mostly among the archipelago of Finland and  the  outer isles of  Stockholm, and the  stormy  channel from North to South was   quite a  short piece of the route (  normally only  4 hours high wave-  journey in  heavy crosswind at right angles).

The design of the ships to that kind of crosswind possibilities in  such a  lively traffic ( many cars , lorries, road trailer) should  be similar s  Stena Line has. They  go in  nearly everlasting crosswind and  stop going  if the cross wind  storm is  huge.

M/S Estonia  was not  suitable  to  a huge  cross  wind.  That my opinion.

About Denmark

September 25, 2019

As of 12 May 2019, a total of 1705 EVD cases, including 1617 confirmed and 88 probable cases, were reported. A total of 1124 deaths were reported (overall case fatality ratio 66%), including 1036 deaths among confirmed cases. Of the 1705 confirmed and probable cases with known age and sex, 56% (951) were female, and 29% (502) were children aged less than 18 years. The number of healthcare workers affected has risen to 101 (6% of total cases).

Venezuela , a rich oil producer coutnry-  do not manage to  give  drinking water to its   over 30  million people.

Leaders  seem  have much  personal  quarrels, antipaties , iontolerances   and  fights,  and own intresses ,lacking   ability to diplomacy and responsible  ruling over nations´s    multimillion multitudes which  still are   waiting  a Good  Shephard  in this  world time, but they are  only   suffering still  every day more. Even death toll  because of miseries  is going upwards.  The worsest thing is  man made deaths:  violent cruel killings of   civilians.

It is a civil wsar:  most cruel of all wars:   A neighbour killing  neighbours.




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