The Year of the Woman

September 20, 2018


The Letter to the Twelve Tribes of Israel



Also  the Younger Brother of Jakob, Juda, wrote a short letter to the  Congregation of Jesus Christ:

North Caroline . Aftermath of hurricane Florence


lead to the unplanned, severe deterioration in the last round of violence IN aUG 2018 . At the end of this  round, the IAF destroyed a multi-story building in Gaza town.



There is an old aphorism in the New Testament about the Gate of the Knowledge and the Guardians  of the Gate of the Knowledge and the  Searches  for Knowledge.

“The  Guardians of the Gate of the Knowledge  are preventing   the Searches  for Knowledge from  entering   through the Gate  to the Courts of the Knowlegde- and  that´s not enough –  they even themselves  evade  entering  to  the  Knowledge”.

FAO: FISH as human food

August 29, 2018

GAZA-Israel crises

August 24, 2018

23.Aug,  News JP: Israel has offered Hamas a seaport in Cyprus and an airport near Eilat under Israeli supervision, as well as an airline flying to Qatar, deputy chairman of the ruling Fatah faction Mahmoud al-Aloul claimed on Thursday.

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