The Good Earth, Pearl Buck

February 20, 2020

When I was  at my teen age I  read the book of Pearl Buck, the Giood Earth.  I   had a wish I could visit China, also mys friends  in Formosa Taiwan ( family Martti and Maria Balk asked me to  come there when  I have studied  medicin  and completed my  university years in Finland

That time Isaw a dream about the  the Guardian Angel of China. standing on the good earth of China. He was great, high,  but  I can  describe only with  Hebrew words ,  he was: Gadol,  Nechoshet ve lewush  kemo  Ketem Haruz,  kemo Brak Joshen, Zohar.

I thought: Malach  of  El Shaddai, Eljon.  The Angel or the old  people of China.

— that happened   about 50 years ago.

Now to day in the morning when I waked up here in Sweden , the same angel of  Old China came to my mind again. after these 50 years.

Then I remember what happened some days ago in israel:  Malach  Meiliz, Echad minnii Alef ,  Malach shel  Israel, Israelian  belkievers have been  praying  before  God of Israel , on the Holy Mountain  of God in Jsrael, jerusalem , for  China, and now the Guardian of China  has waken  as before. so that  I also can remenber to pray for China

Now  I ask other congregations of  God and  Messias Jesus  to pray for  China: now is the  important time for foreprayers in the congregations  roundabout the Earth.  In the unseen world of Divine things there is  also much presure and  stress even  to the Guardian Angels so it is good thing if beleivers  understand to think about  those  unseen  mighty powers  too and  at least pray for the people of China, which now is  in deep  affliction  and isolation to day.

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