Iran, Karkeh Dam

April 9, 2019

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Church of the Holy Martyrs

Mosaic Taybat Al Imam detail

Taybat al-Imam contains the Byzantine-era Church of the Holy Martyrs that dates back to 442 CE.[4] The church, which now serves as a museum in the center of town, consists of three naves and contains a large mosaic covering the building’s entire floor.[1] The mosaic was accidentally discovered in 1985 during road construction in the town. Between that year and 1987 it was excavated by the Jordan-based Franciscan Archaeological Institute. The mosaic is noted for both its size and for its depiction of 20 different building types, including religious and civil structures. Other images depicted include the scene of Paradise, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the churches of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the basilica of St. Simeon Stylites and the double towers of Qalb Lozeh, both sites in northern Syria near Aleppo.[1]


As of 7 April, the official death toll remained at 602 people. The number of houses recorded as destroyed or damaged, meanwhile, increased to 239,682, including 111,163 houses totally destroyed, 112,735 partially destroyed, and 15,784 flooded. There has reportedly been an increase in women-headed households as a result of the disaster, according to humanitarian partners and authorities, although exact numbers are yet to be verified or confirmed.

At least 160,927 people were sheltering in 164 sites across Manica (43); Sofala (113); Tete (5) and Zambezia (3), according to government figures. The number of sites reported in Manica more than doubled from 6 to 7 April (20 to 43), while the number of people accommodated in the sites in Manica increased from 13,115 to 24,419. The previous reported figures for Manica had not included data on several sites, including in Sussundenga district and particularly in Dombe posto.

Some 389 new cholera cases were recorded on 7 April, bringing the total number of registered cases to 3,161, according to the Ministry of Health. Beira recorded the majority of the new cases (246 cases recorded on 7 April), followed by Nhamatanda (75 cases), Buzi (42 cases) and Dondo (26 cases). More than 593,000 people were vaccinated as of 7 April, representing 73 per cent of the people targeted.


• Distribution of seeds for the winter harvest will start on 8 April in Manica province.

• More than 756,200 individuals have received food assistance since Cyclone Idai made landfall, including 10,000 people receiving ready-to-eat meals in Beira city.

• The number of houses recorded as destroyed or damaged has increased to 239,682.

• Some 389 new cases of cholera were reported on 7 April, in Beira (246 cases), Nhamatanda (75 cases) and Dondo (26 cases) and Buzi (42 cases), including one death.

• At least 593,000 people had received the Oral Cholera Vaccine as of 7 April, representing 73 per cent of the total target.

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