Iran has plan to get nuclear power energy and that is normal thing and okay: its important to get energy for the railway project, too, they plan to build up 700 km railways and to change the model of trains to modern electric train engines as we have  in Western countries. Also there is  many large Clean tech projects and similar projects  going on, even desaliination plan and desalination of some salty lakes ( fresh water projects) ,  and my country Finland is also perhaps already constructing (designing?) and perhaps already building up some of  these water systems and sewage cleaning systems according what I understood from the raport of Finnish Consulate in Tehran 2016 ( three years ago) . That is a very very demanding and challenging work and the project is really great. I see that a big discrepance exists and many states do not at all want that Iran gets its nuclear energy. For me I cannot understand that Iran should waste its resources for war purposes , when in facto, nobody wants war. Why to make it? But I am worried about the strained relation between superpovers like  Iran and Israel. I hope the understandig could take shape and spring up. There are not many middleman on the highest levels of science on these unseen fields of life (radioactivity). I really hope there is happening some mutual understanding. I like that Finland has nuclear power, It is clean electricity, strong enough and long-lasting , modern and suitable to us. So I personally  hope Iran gets that good life too – Of cause to build up the electric power net over all the big country  is a huge project, because same time they build railway sytem, watersystems etc. everything that utilizes the nuclear power electricity  must be ready to work. Even they have  the risk for  earth quakes and then the building up is  very expensive for to toelrate  a bit shaking of basement.  Any how I hope  there is peace and good time to build up countries  that   many can achieve  a prosperous  life, good socio-economical system  so in Iran as  in my country too.

Published on 03 Apr 2019

Geneva, Switzerland -Over 6,500 families were affected by the flooding this past weekend in Northern Syria as tents were swept away, and personal belongings were destroyed by the torrential rainfall.

Many families were displaced again in search of a safe, dry place to live. The area was already overcrowded due to a recent influx of people escaping areas under bombardment.

The Atma Camp was the most affected; over 40% of the area was swept away. Thousands have lost everything. Exposure to illness has increased in the region.

Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “The flooding this season has been terrible and combined with the overcrowding in the camps, is making a bad situation much worse. Many have lost what few personal possessions they had. These camps were meant to be temporary housing and lack what is needed for this climate. Thousands are in need of tents, blankets and ways to keep warm. We call on the international community to stand with these people and provide immediate humanitarian aid, assistance and necessities to those affected.”

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