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The Baltic Sea catchment area comprises 1 720 270 km2, of which nearly 93% belongs to the nine riparian countries; Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Sweden has the largest Baltic Sea catchment area with 440 000 km2, followed by Poland, Russia and Finland, all of which have areas larger than 300 000 km2. Six of the nations – Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden – are situated almost entirely within the catchment, while less than half of the land area in Denmark and only one-eighteenth in Germany is situated within the catchment.

Only a very small fraction of the total area of the Russian Federation, including St. Petersburg, Leningrad oblast, and Kaliningrad, is found within the catchment (1.7%). The remaining 7% belongs to the five upstream states, which have a relatively insignificant influence on the Baltic Sea. The detailed division of the Baltic Sea catchment area is presented in table.

Islamic Jihad planning a terror attack
Islamic Jihad terrorists gather near border fence in possible attempt to sabotage ceasefire talks.


• The official death toll stood at 468 people as of 28 March, according to the Government.

• Nearly 136,000 people were displaced in 159 sites across Sofala (116 sites), Manica (27 sites), Zambezia (11 sites) Tete (5 sites); of whom more than 7,400 were identified as vulnerable, according to the Government.

• WFP’s food pipeline is sufficient to cover 500,000 people, with a possibility of doubling by next week.

• An additional Cholera Treatment Centre is being established in Beira.

• There is a two to four-week window for the planting of seeds to provide a winter harvest.

för 5 minuter sedan – China Says 26 Killed Fighting Mountain Forest Fire
BEIJING — At least 26 firefighters were killed while battling a forest fire
high in the mountains of western China’s Sichuan province, the government said Monday.

On 31 March, an EPIC LT (RA-2151G) single-engine turboprop private plane was operating a flight between Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, France and Egelsbach Airport, Germany. The aircraft, however, impacted an asparagus field in Erzhausen (close to Egelsbach Airport) under unknown circumstances.

The aircraft was destroyed by the post-crash fire, the wreckage was scattered over 20 meters, and the 3 occupants, one pilot and 2 passengers received fatal injuries. One of the Russian passengers was Natalia Fileva, co-owner of Russian S7 Airlines.

Natalia Fileva, chairwoman and co-owner of Russia‘s second largest airline S7, died when a private jet she was in crashed near Frankfurt on Sunday, the company said.

Fileva, 55, was the major shareholder in S7, a member of global Oneworld airlines alliance.

The Epic-Lt, a single-engined jet designed for private flights, crashed while landing at Egelsbach airport, S7, also known as Siberia Airlines, said in a statement.

A police spokesman in the central German state of Hesse said a six-seater aircraft with two passengers and a pilot on board was en route from France when it came down near Egelsbach and caught fire.

The private jet was flying from Cannes in France and disappeared from radars at 1322 GMT, according to data from a flight tracker Flighradar24.

There was no immediate information on the other two people in the plane.

Sweden Aftonbladet:

Tre personer dog när ett plan störtade ner i ett tyskt sparrisfält. Ytterligare två dog de krockade med en polisbil.


Fem personer har omkommit i samband med en flygkrasch utanför tyska Frankfurt.

Tre personer omkom i själva flygolyckan på söndagseftermiddagen. Ytterligare två personer förolyckades när en polisbil på väg till olycksplatsen frontalkrockade med en personbil, uppger tidningen Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Vraket efter det sexsitsiga planet är helt utbränt och identifieringen av offren kommer enligt polisen att dröja. Men en av de omkomna i flygkraschen är enligt det ryska flygbolaget S7 företagets styrelseordförande och delägare Natalja Filjova, en av Rysslands rikaste kvinnor.

Vad som orsakat flygolyckan är fortfarande oklart.

This Hasakah-  area is  in the  Northeastern region of Syria , where even in  October  there was floodings of the River Al Khabur.


News from October 2018: “The city was hit by flash floods this week after heavy rainfall caused the Al-Khabour River to burst its banks. The aid charity said many houses in the area were built close to the water”.

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