When there are 2 Adar months one can  think,  iare there  two  Purmin Feasts also?

Yes: A lLttle Purim and  The Great Purim .

The lLttle Puurim  was  already: the 19th  February

and the  Great Purim shall be  the 21st  of March  2019,  and  Shushan Purim , 22.3. 2019.

To day (the 2nd 3 2019) is the Date  The  27th  Day of The First Adar, 5779.

Purim Feast   reminds about  a danger of holocaust  in the  Ancient Persia.  Jewish people  reads  The Scroll of Esther  during  this Feast, Megillath Esther.


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