really, Iran should invest to desalination more than missile weaponry. In this period of time the most important global issue is the fresh water. Missiles etc destructive weapons are the least important economic issue, if important at all for to waste the money of the nation .

Iran also builds  them , I see:

The global action plan on antimicrobial resistance (GAP-AMR) was adopted in 2015 by all countries through decisions in the World Health Assembly, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Governing Conference, and the World Assembly of the World Organisation for Animal Health Delegates. The GAP-AMR sets out responsibilities for national governments, and other national and international partners involved in the global response to AMR. To track progress and ensure action is being taken, a tripartite country self-assessment questionnaire was developed for global reporting. Country responses for 2016 are available at open-access tripartite database. Responses to some of the questions are available here at Global health Observatory


.Access the global open-access tripartite antimicrobial resistance database

Food Chain -aspect

Antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

Antimicrobial agents are essential drugs for protecting human and animal health. However, the continuing emergence, development and spread of pathogenic organisms that are resistant to antimicrobials constitute an increasing global concern.

WHO develops and promotes guidelines to minimize the public health impact of antimicrobial resistance associated with the use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals. WHO also provides technical support in the monitoring of antimicrobial use.

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