Tu Be´Shwat 5779

January 20, 2019


“As the practice of the festival has changed over the ages to serve the agendas of their times, I believe that Tu B’shevat should be remodeled yet again to promote a universal awareness and call to action to protect our biosphere. Tu B’shevat can be a tool for cultivating appreciation for the miraculous beauty and complexity of our globe, the fragility of our environment and the possibility of an enhanced world reshaped by our commitment to change.

We may seem powerless to make a difference. This feeling is exacerbated by a political system, where those charged with managing our resources must stand for re-election every four to five years. This incentivizes policy favoring short-term benefit and long-term destruction.

But we can take responsibility for our own behavior:

  • Purchase prudently so as to minimize waste and utilize multi-use packaging. A couple of lemons and potatoes do not need their own nylon bags.
  • Eat less red meat and put what you do eat on a reusable plate.
  • Drive a hybrid car or ride a bike and use public transport.
  • Hang up the washing rather than using the dryer.
  • Video conferencing and other technologies can cut down on business air travel.
  • Badger your elected representatives to prioritize sustainability.

These may seem like tiny drops, but if we are united in our resolve to bequeath a healthy, viable earth to our grandchildren, the drops will become an ocean..”

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