IBS and the role of food

August 16, 2018


Addressing the Role of Food in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptom Management.

Capili B, Anastasi JK, Chang M.

J Nurse Pract. 2016 May;12(5):324-329.


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(If there is  a smallest  suspicion that  person with IBS has  some form of coeliacs  or  sensitivity to  wheat, rye, barley and oats,    notice also to keep strict glutenfree  diet: No wheat, no rye, no barley, and  some very sensitive even  have to  avoid  oat.  ( not only  proteins and starch of these species  but even  fibres from them).

The big problem then  is, that  when eliminating these  4  species from the  diet,  also  the required  amount of daily fibre  become reduced – and  that  already can have been   the main problem  causing and  aggravating   IBS:   too  low  nutritional fibre content in the diet , perhaps  since years,  or all  life long.  Tayloring the individual  diet takes time and, one needs much  patience and   even knowledge  even about   the food  she/ he   daily  eats. People are individuals. To keep  a diet diary is a good help.  Pains and  discomfort  in the   digestive system   creates  a poor quality of life and  also swallow  much  of the active  daily time and thinking.  And  the advisers  are  plenty, and  everyone they are  giving their  individual advises. Everyone  with troubles  had  to  learn  to know  his/her own  peculiar  causalities between  the food  eaten and   the troubles after eating. Keeping a  diet diary  is a little help for memorizing and  guideline, too. Even  youd doctor  can get better insight about  your problems  when you can memorize better  these kind of  details .


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About rye secalin

August 16, 2018


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Degradation of coeliac disease-inducing rye secalin by germinating cereal enzymes: diminishing toxic effects in intestinal epithelial cells

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