Mariager Fjord

August 1, 2018

Die Kirche in Mariager

In the evening 30th July  we were driving  along  the coast line way from Hals -Egense  towards South – After  passing Limfjord   we saw    another  Fjord, Mariager Fjord and we  began to drive  to Aalborg  along the high way via Mariager-Hobro.

So beautiful  Sunset!

And then so a   fine small town and a high white   Church- Kloster  –  We  wanted to see the Church  to make a photo.  And  that was a step to History again.  There has been  long ago a Birgittineorden-Abbey.

in Wikipedia there is a good  writing  about Mariager in German Language with  links to history, even  story  about the old  Germanic  Runstones.


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