New Zealand quake

November 16, 2016

Land moves 10 m after 7,8 R earthquake

When they surveyed the Hundalee, Emu Plains, and The Humps fault zone there was evidence the fault had disturbed State Highway 1 and the railway line as well as the beach south of Kaikoura.

As they approached the epicentre the geologists found the earth ruptured along new faults.

“We then flew to the epicentre area [The Humps fault zone and Emu Plains] and found fault ruptures on the north side of the Waiau River, some on previously unknown faults.

“It was less clear exactly how these faults had moved compared to the others further north, but it looked like some horizontal movement had occurred.”

They said some of the fractured earth had affected small streams.

The pair said it was only possible to see where fault lines had broken through the surface.

It was likely other faults below the surface had also moved. Other investigations, including satellite images, would help show any further subsurface fault movements.

NZ Herald

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