UN: Aleppo

September 29, 2016


Al Jazeera about Aleppo

September 29, 2016

29.9. 2016 NewsMiddle East38 minutes ago
Letter from Aleppo: ‘My city is not just a death toll’
A Syrian Civil Defense member and resident of Aleppo reflects on the worst onslaught the city witnessed since 2011.

Al Jazeera

Sudan: Chemical weapon used

September 29, 2016

Survivors told Amnesty International of the putrid and “unnatural” smelling smoke which filled the air after the bombs were dropped. Many began vomiting within minutes of coming into contact with it. Often, the vomiting and diarrhoea would be bloody, while others were left with “bulging” eyes. Survivors’ eyes were also reported to change colour, as did their urine and their skin, which would then harden and fall off. A man named Ismail, who tried to help people in late January, told Amnesty: “Their skin was falling off and their bodies had become rotten… and their breath was very bad”. Several of the children he treated died, others were still in pain months later.


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