Capital San Jose 30 km from the  volcano Turrialba.  In the  Metropol area  is living one third of the people about 2 million.  .,_Costa_Rica

SAN JOSÉ: A volcano erupted Friday near the capital of Costa Rica, choking surrounding communities with smoke and ash. In the capital San Jose, 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the Turrialba volcano, the air reeked of sulphur as dust and ash coated buildings and vehicles. “It seems to me to be the strongest (Turrialba) eruption in the past six years,” volcanologist Gino Gonzalez said in televised comments. He spoke to media near the site of the eruption, where a vast cloud of grey smoke was billowing from the 3,340-meter (11,000-foot) volcano. Television channels showed footage of shuttered schools and hundreds of people flocking to hospitals with breathing and skin problems. The National Emergencies Commission in a statement advised people to wear masks and tight clothing to protect their lungs and skin from the ash. Gonzalez said the wind was blowing the ash and smoke westward, toward the country’s most populated areas. –AFP


Volcanoes of Costa Rica – John Seach

The volcanic arc in Costa Rica developed as a result of
subduction of the Cocos plate under the Caribbean plate.

  • Costa Rica lies close to 5 tectonic plates – Caribbean, Panama, Nazca, Cocos, and Atlantic.
    Volcanoes of Costa Rica:



Rincon de la Vieja







Turrialba : An explosion yesterday 20.5. 2016. History:

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