Libya Benghazi:

March 6, 2016

BENGHAZI, Libya — Two Italian construction workers who were kidnapped in Libya last July may have been killed in the North African country during a clash between militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and local militias fighting them, Italian authorities and Libyan officials said Thursday.

Photographs of nine people killed in the clash, including the two possible Italians, were posted online after the gunfight, which took place on Wednesday near the Libyan city of Sabratha. Their identity has not been definitively confirmed yet.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday that the families of Fausto Piano and Salvatore Failla have been informed that their loved ones “could” be the two victims. The ministry said it couldn’t confirm the identities because officials do not have access to the bodies.

The contested western Libyan city of Sabratha has been the scene of heavy clashes recently.

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