Libyan archeology and to day´s Sabratha

March 5, 2016

Sabrata is one of the famous archeological sites , 70 km weatward from Tripoli . But there may be dnger of terror sites also.
News from IHS Jane´s 360- net site:
“Libyan army commander Taher al-Gharabili confirmed to the Associated Press on 24 February that Islamic State militants on 23 February had briefly taken control of the centre of Sabratha, a strategically important coastal city located approximately 70 km west of the capital Tripoli. The militants – nominally operating under the group’s Wilayat Tarabulus – reportedly entered the city when the majority of security forces based in Sabratha were conducting operations elsewhere. After securing the centre of the city, they beheaded 12 security force personnel, before being forced to withdraw early on 24 February by returning military forces.

Although control of Sabratha was brief, the attack illustrated the Islamic State’s continuing capability to carry out quick offensives and exploit security force weaknesses.”

23 February 2016
In response to the threat, the International Council of Museums (ICOM), a UN body backed by the US state department and Interpol, has issued an emergency red list, a catalogue of Libyan treasures at risk of being destroyed or sold on the black market amid fears that Libya could be the country to fall victim to Daesh’s cultural vandalism.

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