February 17, 2016

International Prize & UNESCO recognition

The Jury of the International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens has unanimously decided that the twenty-first of these annual awards (2010) will go to Dura Europos, near Salhiyé, on the right bank of the middle course of the River Euphrates, in Syria.[31]

In 1999 Dura Europos has been included in the possible “Tentative List” of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.[32] Successively in 2011 has been included again, in the possible nominated list, with the nearby ancient city of Mari.

Current situation

According to satellite imagery, more than 70% of Dura-Europos was destroyed by looters during the Syrian Civil War.[33]

National Geographic reports further looting on a massive scale by the terrorist group ISIS in order to fund their aggressive devistation on the region. [34]

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