Israel News 3.2. 2016

February 3, 2016

Two Israeli border police wounded in shooting, knife attack in Jlem
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Terrorists armed with guns, knives and explosive devices wounded two female Israeli border police officers, one critically and the other seriously, in an attack next to the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday. Security forces at the scene shot the attackers, killing two and wounding the third, who later died of his injuries.

A police spokesman said the three terrorists raised the suspicions of border police officers at the site, who approached them for a check. While one of the attackers offered an identity card, another opened fire with a Carl Gustav-type rifle, wounding one of the border police officers. Another terrorist attacked the second border police officer with a knife. Other security forces fired on the terrorists. Police sappers conducted at least two controlled explosions to neutralize the devices.

A Kol Yisrael reporter says Palestinian social networks said the attackers were from the Jenin area.
03.02.16 – 15:09
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