Shabat and Shmitah

January 26, 2016

There is two  rest state in the  Mosaic Religion.  Weekly rest, the seventh day  belongs to every body.  But if someone is working  with  a farm (as TRIBE OF Issachar)   and thus  working  harder than others , they have  Shmita rest–  In fact the  worker isa then  in   a  reversing  period of refreshment, which can give prevention to overload sicknesses,    and the  fields are then left lying fallow. 8 the vacation of the herb world)  So the farmers   get also  equal  rest during their life as   e.g. offfice workers etc.  To  realize Shmita  is possible only in Jewish Country, becouse nowhere in the world  is  tha life of na agricultural worker  thus guarded.  They can  not even have a  usual shabat, not to mention Shmita! But anyhow inthe North , instead of Shmita, the farmers have  Snow time!

But of cause  realizing these  Mizvot of Shmita   during our modern time period- is of cause   a creative  task- and   the meaning of God  with Shmita  is to be understood.  Its of cause for the best of human person  himself   as Shahabt  is for the best of human person.

Last Year  was a Year of Shmita in Israel. . And  now the first year of Shmita begins. every Year is the Year of Shmita.

WHEN  the world can see, that some of the Arab Countries also  begin to   give value to  wider farming, making their deserts to a Gan Eden on this planet.  So they could create their  own clouds of the rain over them and their ground waters should return to their  wells of  fresh water.

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