Refusniks of the Former Soviet Jewry

January 26, 2016

To Day: President Putin has called Jewish people back to Russia if they need a pecful place to live. Becaus new antisemitims exists in Europe. That is a righteous deed from the President Putin.


Israel l is an Asylum Country  for Jewish Refugees from all the  world. Ant the country  is their own since  thousands of years.

Under the time of Diaspora  they did not  fight and kill and  oppress  those  peoples among them they  were refugees but they  worked for the prosperity of the state  where they were living  during those  hundresd of years of the diaspora and builded their  TEMPLE  in peace where they  stayed

And those  hundred of years in the Diaspora  was a blessing  to their people  who is now integrated and  have unity of soul  and spirit and the religion and now also  the ancient  language is  a modern living language and their  anciont land is  in revival from the state of sand desert.



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