Jewish refugees from Arab countries

January 26, 2016


Jewish refugees From Islamic world and from Christian world  and Pioneers gathered to their own  Fatherland and   became an Independent state Israel 1948.

Already 1965 all the  Arab Islam  peoples  all  around of   Israel began to plan  a  very sudden attack  together- against Israel from all  directions  and  the same moment-    and in purpose to overcome and annihilate the Jewish State   by the same.  That  was  the six Day War.  . from the side of Israel  a  defensive war, and before that  it was not  possible to  keep  a good  order and development  in   a secure state , becaus  such hostilities from  the surroundings  could happen.   There is never a return to the  past  situation-   with annihilation minded neighbours- who  could  have something else  to live for, not only to  make another  genocide in this world.  Every living person in the Levant  has  every  day the  possibility to select to live  in peace on the planet.

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