t many of the victims of the crash were found with their seat belts on, suggesting the pilot had asked them to buckle up because of a problem with the aircraft.

Sinai Plane crash

November 9, 2015

Was it overloeaded ?


The effects of overloading include:

reduced acceleration and increased take- off speed, requiring a longer take-off run and distance to clear a 50 ft obstacle;
• decreased angle of climb reducing obstacle clearance capability after take-off;
• higher take-off speeds imposing excessive loads on the landing gear, especially if the runway is rough;
• reduced ceiling and rate of climb;
• reduced range;
• impaired manoeuvrability;
impaired controllability;
• increased stall speeds;
• increased landing speeds, requiring a longer runway;
• reduced braking effectiveness;
• reduced structural strength margins;
• on twin-engined aircraft, failure to climb or maintain height on one engine.

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