Solar storm 5.11. 2015 hit South Sweden

November 5, 2015

Unexpected  atmospheric disturbance  in S- Sweden during  one hour between 17.00- 18.00 Finnish time . The Radar did not function    during  these minutes.

I thought, and someone else even  asked the same: Can  a solar storm  magnetic pulse be so a local and narrow  that it hits only  such  a  small region on the globe? but- why not?

Perhaps  only this bundle of rays  was directed  towards  the Planet earth and  may be  the most part of the rays (EMPs)    directed to the outer space  from the other sides of the sun globe. And  our planet has  some kind of shield against  EMPs , too.


Its good to know that there exists  local EMP- effects , also, (as non-nuclear EMP devices). artificially.and they  can incapacitate  electronic systems  without   causing apparent massive material   damage. But this kind of incidence is very unlikely. AND if I describe the  sunsettings 3.11. in Finland  and 4.11. on the the see    from the boat  between Finland  and Sweden,  the  sun rays  and coloourings of the clouds were   extremely  unforgettable strong and beautiful  for to be November evening sky. 3.11. : Strong orange, 4.11. strong pink  for short minutes.

I thougth :  The sunset colours  were some way nothern ligth- like- appearing at once,  flashing, and then quickly going out into gray dusky darkness. I think, the sun storm is a  very posisbile  cause.

Otherwise-  this year the northern lights  have been more intensive even in the South Finland and  earlier than before.

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