What means a monsoon soon now to Nepal?

May 3, 2015

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Nepalese monsoon

The monsoon is a period of heavy rainfall occurring each year during the months of June-July and August. This time is noit the best moment to travel in Nepal because the temperature for the trek is often rainy. But on the other hand, there is almost no foreigners and you may find very good deal. In addition, the heavy rain of the monsoon rains make it difficult to walk in the mountains. The roads become muddy and very slippery rocks. For against, the monsoon is ideal if you want to avoid the high season and if you want Nepal to yourself.

Tips for travelers during the monsoon:

Bring a good rain coat: Very important if you make a trek or walk much

Trekking during the monsoon: Leave early if you make a trek and you are planning a long day of walking in the mountains. The clouds are less present in the morning. Try to get up early and leave around 6:30 to 7:00-maximum. In addition to extended walk your days without rain, you can avoid the hot midday sun.

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