Nepal Languages: 122 languages; 7 institutional languages

April 30, 2015



Nepali, also called Nepalese, is a Himalayan language, mainly spoken in Nepal but also spoken in Sikkim, Bhutan and Darjeeling. It is the language of the Ghurkas and is sometimes called Ghurkali. The language is written in the Devanagari script. The Old Version (OV) was printed by the Baptist Missionary Society in Serampore in 1821. The Revised Version (RV) was published in 1977.

Nepali speaking Christians are mainly evangelical Protestant, with a Catholic minority. Bible work is done by the Bible Society of India and the Nepal Bible Society, which recently produced the Simple Nepali Holy Bible (SNHB).

The Nepali Church is growing, and in 2008 the Neplali government made Christmas a national holiday for the first time.

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