Most prosperous and wealthies countries in the world

January 15, 2015

Many Islamic countries are among the most wealthiest countries and they are situating near the  focus of misery. They should take the responsibility  about the  Islamic refugees  of Syria.  The Christian minority of Lebanon already   has  big  burden  when trying to help Islamic persons, who don’t care about each others. The Christians should take care , according the New Testament,  first care about the other Christians in misery, beginning  of  the own family. .

The Stone rich Islamic state could   trnsport the  refugees for for a transient  camop on their  areas until Syria is  rebuild  for to take  them bakc.  There  is much place to rebuild .The refugees coudl be transported to warm climate areas  for  to over come  unnecessary death  for unhumanities.

If Islamic countriesdo not  help islamic person,  the antisemite   and soon neonazistic other world don´t do it.

Israel  is focused to  absorb its own refugees  from anti-Israeli  world and its capacity to absorb is maximally  loaded already because of Ukraine and   global terrorism.

France  which  wanted to be very human, has absorbed 5 million islamic person and now-  has only chaos to wait  from islamic   terror  there. The same happens to every   Christian states who absorb  strange  religions and leave  Christianity trying  to be  very human, very global, better than God Himself.

And – The Islamic wealthy  states  dont t care  about their   own refugees, Islamic  masses.

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