Jewish religion: They care about each other

January 15, 2015

Plenty of Ukrainian and French Jews   are leaving the antisemite  Europe  little by little  and  returning to the land of Ancestors.


About France Changing atmosphere

Israel is in the middle of an election campaign, and several party leaders – including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – have travelled to France in the aftermath of last week’s attacks.

Mr Netanyahu’s message to French Jews was simple – Israel stands ready to welcome them with open arms if they decide to come.

The body charged with overseeing the migration and absorption of Jews who exercise their right to live in Israel is the Jewish Agency, whose spokesman is Yigal Palmor.

To convey his sense of surprise – perhaps shock – at the changing atmosphere in Europe he quotes his boss, agency chairman Nathan Sharansky, who was once a dissident in the Soviet Union, jailed to punish him for wanting to move to Israel.

Mr Palmor says simply: ” He [Sharansky] says he’d never have believed a time would come when Jews would feel safe to walk down the street with their head covered in a kippah in Moscow and not in Paris… We all share that surprise. How is it possible in Paris or London or Rome that Jews do not feel safe the way they used to and the way they’re supposed to after World War Two? That’s a mystery that continues to perplex us.”

The number of Jews making enquiries about moving from France to Israel reached 50,000 last year.

As the funerals take place in Jerusalem of four of the victims of the Paris shootings it is hard to see anything on the horizon to reverse that trend or even slow it down.

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