Why not a demilitarized Gaza for life of the multitude of civilians there?

September 8, 2014

Now it is only a fortnight to the ultimatum datum set by Hamas : the Jewish New Year 2014, when Hamas had planned the total invasion of the Jewish State of Israel, using its plenty advanced underground tunnels, then filled with kidnapped Jewish women and children from the nearby Israeli villages and cities – for to hinder Israel army forces to strike the tunnel opening  regions- where the  armed and well trained  terror  units  should  stream to Israel.  Hamas had build these enormous tunnels during the last 12 years using in the most narrow sites even small children to tunnel work- many children died accidentally there but of cause they were regarded as Honored Islams martyrs. Hamas had chosen Rosh HaShana (24.26.9. 2014) , because during  those feast  days the soldiers of Israel have  some  free hours.
During these 12 years many women at home in their villages in Israel could hear banging and tapping from the floor of their houses, but they were regarded as psychiatric cases by others- “Go to the psychologist !- style- when they told about those embarrassing underground noises .
So-all Israel is still utterly alert, because the plan was a total invasion from all kind of directions with united joint groups by many kind of terror organizations of this world- Really, their are plenty, ready to attack israel! 

And this also motivates the happenings in Iraq and Syria where even US Forces now take part in the North

This kind of  terror plan of Hamas should never happen another time, because the defensing Israel  fights for the very existence of its state.  as this time-  when all the world  sees only the results of  its  intensive  defensive  bursts,   and many  Hamas own   human shield – civilians have  also died, not to forget  the   small ones,who  had been  brainwashed  to  make the most difficult  and most narrow, dark  sites in the deep  tunnels.

Gaza had to be demilitarized and the civilian life there  normalized. Are  there in their leadership anybody for a normal civilian life? Are they all such kind of invasion minded brainwashed  terrorists, who even now has already  a new ultimatum datum for to invade and annihilate Israel ?

And the other  world sleeps as during  the Holocaust which had  its  worst ultimatum datum  January 1942 in Wannesee. 72 years ago.  During Hitler time  about 50 million people died for the hate war- among them 6-7 million Jewish person.  Of cause  there is much to mourn also for the 43- 44 millions too. That is the curse of the war- The hate makes the life  impossible for many and  it is just the civilians who  suffer.

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