JPost: The 28. day of The operation protective Edge

Tractor hits bus, killing 1 in suspected terror attack in Jerusalem
Police shoot and kill tractor driver, who was suspected of being a terrorist; approximately 25-year-old pedestrian killed in incident; 5 others lightly injured.


(One has to keep in mind, that this time Hamas with fortified  tunnel net and masses of  new weapons was sure  that it winss the battle  and can break down  Israel, to  join with   the other  terror groups , hiding in West Bank and  neighbour countries.  It is very logic that intelligent  democratic peaceful  countries   begin to wake up and  give  their help to the  Jewish state and  present  their will to defensive cooperatio n- if  that  in  practical life some way is possible- Any how many individuals from  peaceful  countries  seem to  stream to help  Israelians. )

The kidnapped soldier  is  proclaimed toi be  dead, Z”L.

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