Netanyahu: Future funds to rebuild Gaza must be linked to its demilitarization
In phone call with Netanyahu, Obama stresses need for ‘immediate’ Gaza cease-fire

Only one rocket landed in Ashkelon on Monday morning and the IDF returned fire at its source, proving what seemed to be the latest policy; defending Israel when necessary, but otherwise, holding fire.

The new policy of holding fire from ground and air in Gaza does not apply to the tunnels built by Hamas terrorists, however. Forces are still working to destroy them, the IDF says.

Army Radio reported that overnight Sunday, the IDF destroyed two tunnels. The report also quotes sources as saying the current situation is an “unlimited cease-fire,” in which Israel will only hit targets when provoked.

IDF spokesperson Moti Almoz told Army Radio on Monday morning that the “unlimited cease-fire means that we are prepared for the continuation of actions but are currently focused on the tunnels, and there are a few more that we need to work on.”

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