Ground incursion (Zoog Eethon) targets the recently created terror tunnels which lead direct to Israel

July 18, 2014

i24news tell:

In the ten days of the operation, more than 1,350 rockets have been launched at Israel, more than 1,030 of which landed in Israeli territory and at least 270 were intercepted.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the ground incursion targeted terror tunnels, the IDF Spokesman said that the operation “will be expanded for as long as it’s necessary, in accordance with situation assessments.”

Israeli officials stated one of the main operational goals of the incursion is demolishing the underground tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel; on Thursday the military foiled an attempt by 13 Islamic Jihad terrorists to infiltrate southern Israel near Kibbutz Soufa, killing several and forcing the rest to flee back into the tunnel through which they came.

Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett told reporters the cabinet voted unanimously in favor of the operation.

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