Do we need to reject the fact that Abraham had other wifes, too, not only Sarah, Israels Mother

May 4, 2014

Of cause , we cannot reject the fact that  there were many wifes to Patriach Abraham, and  very many sons of Abraham– because we cannot reject  the Holy Bible.

But  it seems  so that the other  sons of Abraham can reject the only  Son of Sarah –

Even the sons of Esau  in  their rich oil countries seenm to  reject the sons of Jacob, his  only brother,  and the rights  of Jacob to live in the  tine heritage,  Israel.

May their  rejection of Israels  right to existence  come upon  themselves. if they don not return and repent.

Read To days News:

“Arab League declares ‘total rejection’ of Jewish state recognition
03/26/2014 13:01

Arab leaders back Palestinian refusal to recognize the Jewish character of Israel as a condition for peace.”

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