Ukraina: From domestic policy to disintegrating of state soil. Crimea lost

March 16, 2014

Aruz-7 tells:

In January, a religious Hebrew teacher was attacked outside his Kiev home by four men, but escaped without serious injury — A synagogue in eastern Ukraine, 250 miles outside Kiev, was firebombed and reported minor damages.—-One of the three main political parties that led the three-month-long protests which ousted Yanukovich, the ultra-nationalist Svoboda – Freedom – party, has been accused of anti-Semitism in the past.

However, Ira Forman, the US special envoy on anti-Semitism, dismissed Putin’s claims that Ukrainian revolutionaries were Jew-haters.   “We have no indication that what President Putin has been saying about anti-Semitism has been a true reflection of what’s happening on the ground,” he said.

Putin said that Russia’s biggest concern was “the rampage of reactionary forces, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces going on in certain parts of Ukraine, including Kiev”.

TO REMEMBRE. not so many years atgo- Russia ( CCCR) was  the  critical power against the annihilation of people  in Europe, Ukraina  was very hevcy annihilations of civilian, e.g. Jewish population. There is not  tolerance to antisemitism and killings  any more as during Hitlers time. May  be it is  more safe for humans if Russia takes over  Crimea.  Crimea, if it is a  safe and prosperous, it  it  can be  autonomic and later even independent country in Europe.

Crimea  is  a big resource  to the  owner country because of the climate and the havens, but  the abyss of Ukrainian  domestic politics endangers civilian life. Even EU  dont take  a risk to  connect  still another  corrupted ,violent,  intolerant  country  to its  company. Ukraina disintegrates only because its domestic  affairs , it´s  only a human hand reaching  to  take Crimea out of  economic abyss, when  big Ukraine cannot even  pay salaries to  workers or pensions to retired or primary health care-  or other bills for   minimum existence to its – how many tens of millions of people-  in its chaos.Every  stable state  struggles in their own  bills in these basic  items, so  such kind of basic  existence   help Ukraine  does not get  from any state- because then it should not be worthy to be an independent  state at all if it can not prioritize  for life of the people.  NOBODY in Europe or  in Russia  want  to make a war for what ??   Everything is only Ukrainas own  corruption and domestic intolerance.  Nobody wants a war outside it.  Crimea  , I  suppose, want to  keep peace without taking part in abyss of the Proper Ukraine  If Ukraine thinks to get better time by war, it must understand that  its not  as  during Hitler time:  by war one can get reaches  by looting, robbing and killing. During II WW  1,5 million Jews  there were killed, robbed . Of cause, 20 robbed  synagogues have given back   recently.  Jewish people, anyhow- ( they are not as an  usual  vengeful European or a Finn) they  atone, they want better times te the new generation, education, universities,  and they – want to forgive the history,  and let  the new yong  people to try to be better- but not, of cause   as bad as  the generation oc killers   before.  Every people of Europe has its histiory backgorund from the WWII and Ukraines is really a bloody own.  Also it wqs made  to a stAte in the bloody river as an amorphous isle nobody  wanted to join it to themselves,  not CCCR not Europe.So its amorpheous state  is now a domestic  problem. It was made  as  a first aid  solution  of the other EUROPE.  So it is a tripartite state. May be   the proper Ukraine  could even be 2 states. on the sides of Dnepr,  if no other  peace  solution  comes into reality.  They have to  negotiate in peace inside and then  with  all neighbors, in peace. Of cause nobody wants to  disintegrate it. Its own  intolerance history  disintegrates it.  The same can happen  in other  countries too and new independent  unities always  appear.  That s normal and a good thing.  Smaller unities can make federations.But nothing can compensate domestic  peace /  where there is will there is a way).

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