About Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

March 9, 2014

Thesis: Dan Lundstedt: Long. term Symptoms after Breast Cancer Radiotherapy University of Gothenburg. ISBN 978-91-628-8387


Epidemiology: With 1.6 millions new cases each year, breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among women worldwide. The breast cancer incidence for women has increased worldwide. Known risk factors are: age ( two thirds of breast cancer cases occur after the age 55), heredity ( e.g. BRCA 1-2), low age at menarche ( before age 11), high age at menopause ( after age 54), null parity, high age at first child birth, BMI  > 35 ( postmenopausal), using hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)  for many years, and exposure  to ionizing radiation, especially at a young age.

The treatment of breast cancer is often a combination of local treatment (surgery and radiotherapy) to control local disease and systematic treatment against micrometastatic disease (endocrine therapy , chemotherapy, targeted drugs).  Treatment has been more effective and mortality  has reduced.



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