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March 6, 2014

The mankind of to day is very advanced. Our . technicians, spacemen, hyper-physicians, engineers,   all men and women who built up our world- where  this mankind gets its babies.

The  highest age of our elite  scientist and  space engineers etc. etc is not much over 100 years, human  years, not at all any light years.

And  the next generation, the babies take their  time to  develop to a avanced scinetist. Everybody begins  from the  same point than even  the Son of God, from the  baby age. Then they take their time   at school , somebody even willingly  learning  to write and read,  then somebody  studies  the  history, what  the fathers and mankind have before done. And it takes also  very long time  that somebody among those  young people  comes into insight about the global situation-

( if   at. first  the women  women of this generation  let their  healthy   babies to   be born, because they like too much to use  contraception and to make aborts to their  healthy embryos –  And if  men  want to  have a  traditional  family , giving shelter , home to the mother and  child, because they seem to have other interest nowadays than the  old  fashioned  tolerant  family life  with children who could be  the next clever generation)

( And , namely,  big part,  millions,  of potential  good  and clever men  never marry because of  some  religious  error interpretation of  the Scriptures and their monogamist nature never get   expression  in the next generation)

(And  if  the  school children really  do concentrate  their cognitive  abilities and   learn  during that long life period they are   pupils-  and if they  do not live prodigally with the  precious  school time ( e.g. using  drugs, alcohol etc.)  – .. It is  uncertain thing  how the shift to the new generation  shall happen, because  so a  big part of the new generation  did not get the possibility to exists.  All  advanced science can make  a  halt  for a long time.

And  as we know from history, from   time to time there  incarnates such kind of  peoples in the world who annihilate the nobles and educated ones, and use  mass destruction   equipments. composed by  easy knowledge.  and they justify only themselves  or  their kind  to  this globe and they clone their kind .

Very important is that  all the children who  exists get a good education. Every child,  young person is very important.  They are the future.


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