UN Security Council held emergency meeting on Ukraine

March 4, 2014

Many facts  were treshed, e.g. how it could  happen, that  Russian army legitimated  appeared in side  of  Ukrainian territory – in peace keeping purpose. The document  was shown  where president Janukovic  asked military help from Russia. Ukrainian ambassador explained  how  president  Janukovixh  became dismissed  by legal government and parliament.

UN  Security Council Emergency  meeting   tried to find ways to decelerate  the  tension and   to find  ways to  hinder the concentration of  large  armed Russian and Ukrainian  forces   face to face   into  Crimean territory. even Moldovia  is already  in high alert.

The elections of Ukraina  shall be  already in May 25th . Ukrainian ambassador is ready to accept that  UN  deploys monitoring of  situation  in Eastern  Ukraina, and  even members of the  Security Council are  coming   to visit the state on ground (Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson) .

One of Ambassadors said that the meeting was a disappointment ( because the result was not  a straightaway withdrawing of   the Russian army from  Crimea ) He also  hoped  the soldiers could  be cool in hat so that nobody begin to shoot without cause – as – than God- still  until these early moments – They are  anyhow  Christians , from the same  religion,  on the both sides  in this odd  controversy. 

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