Is there antisemitism in Ukraine?

March 4, 2014

Any how, there has been some violent attacks against Jewish persons in Ukraine ,  and  anti-semite graffiti has just  appeared  on  the walls of  one Synagogue  at Crimea Peninsula.  What you think? If somebody writes Hitler symbols onto the walls of  the Synagogue and   the words  “Kill all the Jews” –    what should the Jewish persons think?

– And espeecially  when the  naziarmy   just in the end of 1941- in the beginning of 1942, murdered  the Crimean Jews, hunting them as  animals from every corner of the Crimean peninsula,  for  slaughter  , totally 91 678  persons.   And , of cause the  number of  Russian soldiers  killed there on the frontier of WWII  against Axis  powers ,was also immense amount of people.

Jewish   people has not  get back even their  robbed properties   in Ukraine.Even the  remembrances of Holocaust  days are many times desecrated there..

5.3. 2014( Here I found to day information, that  The Jewish community has get  back from the  Ukrainian government 20 synagogues   in atonement for f the past transgressions.

Also  there is a real  thriving of  Jewish community,which is  larger than in many other countries of Europe, even Jewish University exists. . So there must be something  attractive  for  the Jewry so that they love to stay in  Ukraine,  albeit  their  past history has been filled of atrocities there during some periods of history.

But anyhow, there are someones who are antisemitic and can be  a threat  to the Jewish community . Example: The fate of Dmitri Flekman.

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