The Alawites should get their original state area

March 3, 2014

the old original Alawtie state and  and  a  zone as wide   along Lebanese  Eastern border  and Israeian Northern  border, because  they   are the  most relevant  static power in middle East  in joint to the  Western  Middle East countries Lebanon and Israel  and Turkey, That means , they should not be left  to be massacred   in the hands of  those hand cutters and heart eaters and infiltrative  (alien to this  world)  all -killer- groups from – who knows from where, which pit   they stream up.

If  Islam  should  be some kind of  alternative  religion for people in this world, it should  have  some realistic congress  and  cleaning n up pre- medieval (predator)  thinking, soul less interpretation  about the women´s personality,   witchcraft,  and  murdering  from its daily life practice. There is some beautiful and  social  culture  from  “times of Abraham”- and that has nothing with  Mohammeds  own creativity to do- it is  from the old semitic  culture in the Middle East, existed before Mohammed,  and  very much like the old Jewish culture, how to live a  good life .  They have to  manage to differentiate  the valuable culture  from the   invasive murdering   items, which also made women  illiterate  and  second class humans, which  makes, that there never can be a normal state life in that religion.  without modernizing the way of thinking. The have to criticize the one man book.  For me, I dont read  their book , but  what they do in the name of their book is abhorrent. I look their deeds: And they are the foremost killers of mankind nowadays, mutilating each others.  Syria is only  one examlpe what that book has done: They even eat   the heart of their  killed ones (Assads soldier), according one  source. I dont know if that can be  true ( year 2013).

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