Ethno-Linguistic and Political map of Ukraina

March 1, 2014

This map  seems to be  a situation  exactly as  left  to exist after the II World war when  it lastly   stopped.

The Ukrainian  Nation is  in a processing  state, quickly made  as secondary product from the  battle field of  the changing and utterly cracking tsunami   waves of world war , mighty armies  of Nazis and Russians killing each others on Ukrainian  ground  and  killing and deporting  enormous amount of   civilians   on the both side of Dnepr river-  Ukraine  is  quite a fresh cemetery of unknown amount of bodies,  even  unknown mass murder sites are there  still to be discovered.

But  who really is an Ukrainian  in the own ancient land- or in  which part of  Europe are Ukrainians  mostly   living?  Of cause , as  the Finnish people are partly living in Sweden it does not mean that  Finland should  win  lots from Swedish ground  because of emerged  thriving  Finnish population. The basic principles of a state is not only the ethnic origins  if there is  democracy,  and not ethnic cleansing principle only . But very  important  is the official language. As in Sweden there is  the Swedish language   the official language,  and others are minorities only,  and  Finnish language  e.g. is very difficult for  foreigners, too,  so   Swedish state  has given some administrative  privileges  for Finnish minority for their very  complicated and difficult language. but this is here  In Sweden only one of many  special items with ethnic  minorities.

The Ukrainian situation  seem to be  more complicated. Hope they don’t kill each others´or  the minorities , because  they are the  sons of those who behaved as  they behaved  in the world war II.  including to each of the  big armies as divisions   famous  to kill even more eager  than German Nazis selves.

The deep economical difficulties  there,  the bad guys  of Russia who boycott  Ukraine  as soon as Ukrainian  has trouble as  the energy problem during   very cold winter time -, and   the narcissism of the leader – ( not at all  so narcissist as Ceausescu with his  golden WC) – these  are  not  a good  combination , albeit the people  of the  newborn  independent  Ukraine   wanted to  be better than the old times people- ( I believe so)  .

As  the Finns to day- they want to be  good :  About  one hundred years ago in the civil war   they were  ready to kill each others for the same reason  as ukrainian now – and   until annihilation . one part of Finns  wanted   something Russian- like existence – what that  then means-  and one part something  western like – as in Sweden or USA or at least on the continental W-Europe – . Mostly, all were quite poor and many left the country and  emigrated to  USA and Canada.

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