South-Korean Chistian Pilgrims killed in Taba in Sinai by terrorists

February 21, 2014

To-days isral News tell:
— terrorists bombed a tour bus in the Egyptian Sinai on Sunday, killing three Christian tourists from South Korea that the Muslim Brotherhood later insisted were “Zionists.”

Several hours after the bombing, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official Arabic-language Twitter feed carried an update on “the killing of 3 Zionists and injuring of 14 others in a bus explosion in Taba in Sinai,” as reported by The Times of Israel.

The attack occurred not far from the border crossing on the outskirts of the Israeli resort town of Eilat. The South Korean church group had been on a tour of Egypt, Israel and Turkey.

The victims and the rest of the 33 total passengers on the bus were members of Jincheon Jungang Presbyterian Church. A spokesman told reporters that congregants had saved money for years to celebrate the church’s 60th anniversary by visiting biblical sites in the Middle East.

South Korea’s government expressed outrage over the bombing, and vowed to increase anti-terror efforts in response.

With the attack occurring so close to its border, and the tourists having been en route to Israel anyway, the Jewish state dispatched a fleet of ambulances to the border, but they were denied entry by Egyptian authorities.

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