In Syria about 20 radioactive isotope sources stolen during the civil war

February 14, 2014

According  EURATOM    HASS– directive  all radioactive sources  with radioactivity more than  10 GBq are classified as  high activity sources.

IAEA informed to member states  the  19th Feb. 2013 that In Syria  there  are noticed  14   isotope sources stolen from  two different places. The  strongest  sorurce  was Iridium- 192 with activity  30 GBq,

IAEA iinformed to the member states  also  the 2nd May  2013  that  during one terror attack  the 26th april,  five  radioactive sources were stolen.  Among them Americium- Beryllium with  activity   666 GBq and Cs-137 source  with activity 74 GBq.

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE (HASS Directive) 2003/122/EURATOM of 22 December 2003 on the control of high-activity sealed radioactive sources and orphan sources

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