What is neutron radiation?

January 25, 2014


We know that the periodic system i organized according the number of protons, the  positive charged  particle in the atom. Tha baking particle,  shaping  the good form ot the atom, is neutron. When the  atom takes it stabile form it is getting some l quite exact  number of these bakers for to be  in most stable form.

But if these   baking  particles   are   emitted as a radiation ,  they  can be  quite harmful for our  stable world ,  our  bodies with our stable atoms, because they can change  the stable atom to an isotope form , which need then an  othercosmic  time for to be again staile for this  Biological  World Terra ,  where we live. Ou rbiological  world uses protons (p)  and neutrons (p) in  those atoms and molecules   which builds our body.

All materia,    particles,  atoms and molecules  are always seeking  stability-  energetically easiest  status  –  and  atoms emits so a long time  beta, alpha or gamma rays until they qet  the stability  Materia has as falling down – principle  and gets  a feed back  from the  factum that it is placed ( into  a field without  “down”- ” Blima”- as the Bible said, into “Nothingness” . Everything is  moving in that  space Nothingness,   on their orbits  as we see, never  finding ” down”. Also the cosmic materia  is in “the stream down”  falling as a coin into the piggy bank of protons , even from neutrons or all kind   excited baryons   become  one day protons.  of cause needing  then that ” baking materia” neutrons for to make pretty   balls of atoms to build up our  common world here  or on some other  visible  relevant cool  planet. So it is  obligatory that there is  neutron stream thorugh the space for that  baking up.

Free or less free  neutrons belong primarily  to the outer cosmos, in facto,  e.g.  in neutronstars etc. where they can hide for time.  But  human being homo sapiens has taken even neutrons  into his  scientific engineering  field.  Of cause  such kind of the  last days weapon as a neutron bomb-  is something like supernova  powers,  drawn here  under our clouds. Hope, never used.  Even more conventional  and dirty   nuclear weapons  causes neutron  radiation making  isotopes about  every possible materia. But neutron  weapon  is a total destroyer.

Engineered neutrons  are  used to split  the fissile  nucleus in  usual  nuclear plant, by controlled way.   But ther, the neutrons,  can be used as  the  weapon self


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