January 24, 2014

French  President  visits OPCW


OPCW receives  tenders from 14 private firms


OPCW thanking Italy for contribution in OPCW:s valuable work

About the birds

January 24, 2014

In Sweden people are counting winter fowls this weekend tells the Swedish ornithologists in their net http://www.sofnet.org/ To day 24.1. there  is going on the counting of winter  fowls by them who  regularly  feed fowls.  But  although I dont feed them so  I tried to count  the fowls during my  one hour  walk   around near-by  small lake: About 30 common mallards were  at the  lake side floating  in water, not moving,   in a point  without ice , in the beginning poin  of the  downstreem brook. About 4 magpies (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/33/Pica_pica.jpg/220px-Pica_pica.jpg) , quite young ones, near the  buildings, visiting feedeing places. Some  jackdaws visiting  places of  bird feeding. a pigeon, too.   One crow was giving its  typival  noice, but I did not  see where it  was, near the buildings. Inside  the green  tops of the pine trees there were  quite many kinds  of  small birds chirping ( between 12.00- 13.00,   and  with bright  sunshine),  but  it was difficult to  get  a photo of them  with  a usual camera and without binoculars    I saw one small wood becker,  although  there where another tree too,  with woodpecker at work. But about one 1 could  get a photo. one  of the small birds could  stay go  in vertical  stam of the tall. nut hatcher or Creeper. I saw one of these  birds in those tens of   square meters,   flattering  with few flaps of its wings  from tree  to tree, so that the sun  rays  were behind the open wings:  the wings were very beautiful, as transparent. It could bee the nut hatcher. One  black  bird visiting  feeding  places has yellow  beak.short tail.  These I saw at least 3.May be a  starling, onl ythat  it is  during winter such a ball-shaped,  that i couldn´t believe it is a starling, as I know  the starling from  Finland  when it is spring time. One bird of the group   Laridae,a seagull, I saw flying over the building where I live.  The balance  between Anatidae – Laridae is normal for moment, because there  is  ice on the lake. Before  the building  I saw a group of emberrized finkers  ( emberriza citrinella,  perhaps). ab0ut 5-6 and I could get  photo about one of them.

I must have been noting about 50 bidrs and  I suppose the  small birds in the tree tops may be also about the same number. And this was one hours walk.

To day temoperature- 3 C Celcius.

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