Inn the Syrian  region there s are now swarming and surging all kind of violent elements which do not have  any peaceful motivee  intheir  handlings, all of them  inexperienced in civilian  state life and  responsible democracy, that UN and even people without own state   in all the world   are striving for.

That ” war ” inside  Syria is not like  a civil war, because there is not a question   about intern  integration and areas or internal political   parties, but it is an invasion war, where elements  from outside the Syrian civilization are streaming into the  coutnry. The war is unhuman and genocidal- and soon,  a threat to all civilization in the world. And ss in Afganistan:  The  enemy is woman  and girls and education

According JPost:

The number of nationalities within rebel ranks in Syria “could be has high as 70,” Erlich assessed.

The recruitment rate of foreign volunteers to the jihadi war effort in Syria “is much faster than what it was during the war in Afghanistan,” Erlich added.

“It’s faster than ever. The volunteers are expected to pose a threat to their countries of origin,” he said.

Unlike Afghanistan, which is geographically remote, Syria is easy to get to from Western Europe, Erlich said. He called for the international community to cooperate in drawing up legislation and joint policy to tackle the threat.

A multi-disciplinary effort – not just an intelligence response – was needed, Erlich said.

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