Updated 30th Dec 2013.  Apparently 4 missiles  came yeserday from Syria to the Mountains near the Aarsal  city.  Lebanese Army Retaliated.

The Lebanese army fired on Syrian aircraft that violated the country’s airspace Monday, the first time Lebanon has done so since Syria’s uprising broke out nearly three years ago, security officials said.

The move suggests Beirut is trying to enforce greater respect for its borders in the hopes of slowing the expansion of the conflict into Lebanon, where it has exacerbated sectarian tensions and prompted shadowy groups to conduct attacks that have killed dozens this year.

Walla tells that in Lebanon  is told about 10 missiles to Aarsal to day afternoon. But  no  human injuries ??  Can this  be true? And WHERE is  AARSAL?



“UNIFIL Press Statement on rocket fire, 29 December 2013

29 December 2013

This morning at around 7:35am UNIFIL radars detected firing of at least two rockets from the general area of El Khiam in southern Lebanon towards Israel. The IDF informed UNIFIL that two rockets fired from Lebanon had impacted in the vicinity of Kiryat Shimona in northern Israel.

The IDF returned artillery fire directed at the location from where the rockets had originated.

At this time, no casualties or damages have been reported from either side. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the rocket attack.

UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Paolo Serra was immediately in contact with counterparts in the LAF and IDF commands and has urged the parties to exercise maximum restraint in order to prevent any escalation of the situation.

Major-General Paolo Serra said: “This is a very serious incident in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701 and is clearly directed at undermining stability in the area. UNIFIL’s first imperative is to ensure that there is no further escalation of the situation and I have been assured by the parties of their full cooperation with UNIFIL in this effort and of their continued commitment to the cessation of hostilities.”

He added: “Our troops on the ground are working with the Lebanese Armed Forces to reinforce security and locate the rocket launching site. UNIFIL has intensified its patrols across our area of operations to prevent any further incidents.”

“It is of paramount importance to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of this attack and we will spare no efforts to this end working in cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces.”
Article List”

OPCW: …delay…delay

December 29, 2013

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