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The Nuns of Maroura

December 26, 2013

Gaza-Israel Border

December 26, 2013

Jerusalem post News: 2:15 26.12. 2013 Swedish Time

Code Red rocket alert sounds in Hof Ashkelon
LAST UPDATED: 12/26/2013 02:04
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A rocket launched toward Israel from the Gaza Strip shortly after 12 a.m. on Thursday apparently failed to traverse the border and landed in the Palestinian territory, Army Radio reported.

The Code Red siren was sounded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and security forces were searching for remnants of a projectile, an IDF spokeswoman confirmed.

No injuries or damage were reported

Lebanon News

December 26, 2013

BEIRUT: Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi urged the world Tuesday to act in resolving the cases of the nuns seized by rebels in Syria and the kidnapping of two bishops.

“We will never remain silent on the abduction of our bishops [Aleppo’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim] or any innocent man on this earth,” he said in his Christmas message.

Aleppo’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim were kidnapped by rebels in April while they were on their way to Aleppo from the Turkish border.

“We will not remain silent over those who captured the voice of our peace – I mean the nuns of Maaoula and its orphans,” Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi added, referring to the nuns who were seized by rebels and forced to evacuate their convent in Maaloula early last month.

“We should all raise our voices, inside our homes and abroad, against those who kidnapped the voices of our peace. The nuns, [the historic Christian town of] Maaloula and its orphans and the bishops were only voices of peace. Where is the entire world with regard to their peace message?” he asked.

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