The Cooling system is vital for proper functioning space station

December 18, 2013


When the space station is on the sunshine side  its  having + 200 Fahrenheit  temperature environment (+ 93.3 Celcius) . When it is in the  shadow of the earth, on the night side, its environemnet is  – 200 Fahrenheit , that means – 128.9 Celcius   degrees.  Thats one reason  why  the system, stabilizing  temperature of the module   is important.

The Changis in Kelvin is from   95,2 K to 366 K  (Change is  about 272 degrees in  Kelvin scale)

The Changes  in Celcius from -177.8 C to 93.3 C. Change is  about 272 degrees  in  Celcius  scale)

The Degrees in fahrenheit  from – 200 F to + 200 F ( Change is   400 F degrees in Fahrenheit scale)

Space Station orbit  is 92 minutes at the altitude of   260  miles 8 That is  418 km).

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